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I work with small to medium sized companies to increase sales performance by finding overlooked opportunities, tweaking sales processes and building a winning culture across the board; I’ve received various awards for excellent and sustained performance, sales management and team support.

We are all in the business of selling in one way or another and learning how to do well in this beautiful art and science is the key to every success; in fact, most of what I do consists of training, motivating and coaching people on developing their emotional intelligence to achieve better results in their personal and professional lives.

Every organisation presents endless opportunities for the development of individuals, its local economy and the world at large. I find great passion in starting and driving the change required to make everybody a winner!

Throughout my selling career I’ve learnt a lot from all kinds of people; some have been excellent examples of what I should do and others of what I should not. Luckily, my disciplined up-bringing taught me how to tell the difference. I feel it is my duty to share my experience and help individuals and companies alike achieve the success they truly deserve.

I’ve had the pleasure of earning the trust and working with individuals, startup companies and also long established companies in a broad range of industries covering both tangible and intangible products and together we continue achieving outstanding results.

Eager to see you and your organisation at the top!


About JP Camilleri

JP Camilleri is an empowerment specialist, sales trainer, motivational speaker and success coach.

He is the product of over 19 years hands on experience in straight commission Sales, Sales Management, Strategic planning and Management Consulting in a broad range of industries covering both tangible and intangible products.

JP speaks to both corporate and public audiences; he has consulted more than 500 individuals with more than 4500 coaching hours and achieved as high as 60% increases in revenues for some of the most well renowned companies; His talks have been defined as “Motivating and jam packed with useful stuff”, “Brilliant and effective” and “Fun and easy to understand”.

Having had a very humble childhood made it difficult for JP to change the ‘status quo’ and found much opposition from his family to his decision to leave a “secure” position as a public services official in the Education sector and go into straight commission sales.

This decision was the turning point in his life!

During his first selling experience within the Financial Services Industry he saw his sales soar year after year; He was then invited to take the building up and management of a team of Financial Planning Advisors and together with his team achieved all time sales records.

He then moved on to other industries and experienced the same achievements. This reinforced his belief in that SUCCESS IS A MINDSET!

After acquiring vast experience in both business to business and direct sales in a wide range of market sectors, JP started sharing his experience as a sales trainer, coach and motivational speaker.

JP owns everything he teaches; In fact he attained various recognitions and top awards for Excellent and Sustained Performance in Sales, Best Sales Management and Best Team Support.

This was possible through breaking targets into SMART objectives and applying a three step plan for the achievement of all goals; Determine, Plan and Act.

JP believes that everyone can become an outstanding sales professional by practicing and drilling the basic principles of being MAD with an excellent ability to LIE:

M otivated
A mbitious
D etermined to persist

L isten with a genuine interest to serve
I dentify needs and wants
E xplain solutions accordingly

And obviously Closing the Sale!