Is sales talent really becoming obsolete?

Is sales talent really becoming obsolete?


I was talking to a friend, whose company is currently recruiting staff to beef up the sales team, some two weeks ago.

The call for application was advertised through social media, a couple of recruitment agencies, job boards and newspaper. No particular experience was requested in the call but a flair for sales. The job title was very clear and direct, no fancy stuff like ‘account manager’, ‘sales consultant’, ‘representative‘or similar titles, just what it truly is – ‘salesperson’.

Negatively surprised by the very poor response to the call, the company started interviewing immediately the ones who applied to make sure they do not grow cold on their application. During the interviews, it was shocking to see that – quoting my friend – “no one was really prepared except with questions about the package, salary and bonuses”.

I remember preparing for interviews by visualizing myself already selling for the company, talking to people and figuring out what objections I would encounter so I could prepare my questions for the interview around such obstacles; I also remember listing down the personal development books I read to be able to show how motivated, ambitious and determined an individual I was. I remember closing the interview with agreeing on a time to follow up on the interview should I not receive a call from the company to show that I am keen on following up.

Any ambitious person can become a great salesperson and yes great salespeople earn above average salaries and commissions but first, they must become great! It seems like there’s a scarcity of people who are willing to do what it takes to grow in value and become great in what they do.

Selling still is the highest paid hard work and lowest paid easy work you can find but that doesn’t mean one should settle for less instead of working through the tough to get paid well for it! Bagging for reward before working for it does not work in life!

Ambition is becoming the rare gold of the new market – work on yours, nourish it, protect it and opportunity will never stop knocking your door!

To your success!