Daniel Baldwin

JP has a very unique way of trainig and coaching. He has been a very important part of my professional development.
His way of simplifying things, keeping one accontable and following up on progress makes it easy for one to persist and win over the challenges presented by  today’s market place.

I have since been growing my sales team from strength to strength.

JP relates everything in his training to real life situations making it interesting for everyone who wants a better life.

Through JP’s methods we have been able to change the way we do business. We now have a very systematic approach towards our growth and we can forecast sales better.



Daniel Baldwin, Sales Manager
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Stylish Bathrooms and Ceramics

We have been using JP’s services since 2012.

Since then Joe has been introducing structured sales processes and reporting procedures through the creation of bespoke systems that generate accurate sales statistics.

Joe promotes a customer focused, results driven culture through constant sales and sales management training and coaching.

Apart from consulting on performance, Joe participates in sales meetings and management meetings and rolls up his sleeves to actively support the implementation of projects for improvement.

With no hesitation we recommend Joe to any business seeking increased performance.

The Directors, Stylish Bathrooms and Ceramics

Ludwig DeBono

“An impressive experience!
JP’s help, extreme dedication towards his clients and professionalism are unique; his initial introduction is enough to understand that he means business and the results achieved through his services are an asset to his clients. People like JP (if there are any) are an essential process in the growth of any company, his guidance and advice guarantees success to anyone who follows them. I recommend JP without any hesitation & with great confidence.

Thanks JP, keep up the good work! ”

Ludwig DeBono, Propietor @ Com.IT Ltd & Import/Export Manager @ J. Calleja (Caterers & Wholesalers) Ltd

Insignia Cards Limited

“Joe is one of the most competent people I know, apart from being the best expert in his field he is practical, genuinely professional, business oriented, effective and very adaptable to new and challenging circumstances. Joe is also a very charismatic and trustful character. I would cordially recommend Joe for any business relation or corporate position with no hesitation.”

Matthew Zammit, Finance Executive

Novofina Ltd

“I’ve known Joseph since around 2006 when I bought a life insurance related investment from him. He has detailed knowledge about the subject and many years of experience in the field. What struck me most is his people skills and the willingness to go the extra mile for the client. He also helped me in my dissertation for my first University degree.”

Kyle Debono, Managing Director, MLRO, Investment Committee Member and Company Secretary

Reed Insurance Ltd

“Motivated and Passionate about his profession”

Sean Agius ACII, MIM, General Manager

Other testimonials – training sessions

“Very good course and brilliant presentation, pity I missed 2 sessions. Very well done”

“Very interesting course. I’ve learnt so much. Thanks”

“Keep it up! You’ve shown us that giving up is not an option! Well done 10/10”

“One of a Kind and a life changing experience.”

“A great experience that will grow my career!”

“This course gave me inspiration to keep working in sales and increased my confidence in my company. Thank you!”


“Joe is a team leader. He has excellent sales skills and specialises in motivating people – especially the sales team. It was a great experience working with him”

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JP came highly recommended by another client of his. We have been working with JP for the past 7 months on the development of our sales team, sales strategy as well as the training and development of the management team.

JP is currently also supporting us during our scaling up phase which is of critical importance. In order for us to benefit from these services, it was essential for JP to have an open mind and to learn all about our industry which indeed did happen promptly.

The fact that we are being guided not only through theory but also in practice is what sets JP apart from standard consultants. We are satisfied with the positive results which are transpiring from our collaboration and in turn highly recommend JP’s Services.

Mr. Brian Calleja, Director
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Compleet IS Services Ltd

“Joseph-Paul is very diligent and highly trained sales and market specialist. Whenever we had any dealings with Joseph-Paul, his behavior was always very competent and highly professional.”

Marvin Sammut, Managing Director

OMG Data Recovery

“Joseph is a very approachable person. His vast experience and knowledge in his specialized field comes out in the way he interacts with his peers. A very trustworthy person, down to earth yet able to adjust the level of interaction according to the situation with skill, it was a great pleasure doing business with him.”

Kevin Camilleri, D.R. Engineer