Cold Calling is Still Alive!

In an article, he called ‘The Rebuttal’, my friend – Anthony Iannarino hits the nail on its head giving a rebuttal to every excuse, people who hate cold calling use to let their fear keep them back.

In today’s competitive world and competition becoming fiercer one should not waste energy on finding excuses but rather use the energy to find ways of making cold calling work for his business.

This article claims that ‘Cold Calling is Dying‘.

Here’s what Iannarino has to say about it!


Cold Calling has a poor conversion rate. The article uses Keller Research Center’s research to show that conversion rate at 1 percent. That research was based on real estate agents, not B2B sales professionals. Your conversion rate is your own. Your cold calling may not work, but my cold calling works just fine.

Nine out of ten top-level decision-makers don’t respond to cold outreach. Again, if you have nothing worth their time, this is true. But that speaks only to your chops and says nothing about the medium. You are free to believe what you want, but when your competitor fearlessly picks up the phone and has something to say, believing this will hurt you. You are better improving the value you create. That said, every day people use the phone and schedule appointments with decision-makers. This “statistic” is suspect at best.

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